10 Benefits of Twitter Advertising.

  • The cost of advertising is extremely low.

  • A popular form of advertising among B2B marketers.

  • Plenty of targeting options allowing a narrow segmentation.

  • Twitter influences customer behaviour.

  • Ability to reach a very wide audience.

  • It caters for any marketing objective.

  • Ability to target certain keywords and hashtags.

  • A great form of advertising for local and international businesses.

  • Ability to reach potential customers wherever they are.

  • Plenty of ad formats to choose from.

Millions of People Around The World Use Twitter.

There are about 330 million people using Twitter to get in-the-moment updates about the topics that matter to them, participate in discussions and share information in real-time.

If your target audience is between 30 and 45 years old, then Twitter advertising should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

330 Million

People Use Twitter

Twitter Ads are Cost Effective

Twitter Ads Are Incredibly Cheap.

Due to the low advertising activity on Twitter, the competition in bidding for the same audience is quite low, resulting in very low cost-per-clicks.

Whether your marketing objective is to build engagement or drive website traffic, we will pay pennies for those clicks. Why not taking advantage of the situation to promote your business on Twitter?

Narrow Segmentation Allows us to Get More Bang for The Buck.

Twitter Ads provides us with several targeting and segmentation capabilities, which allow us to target highly-relevant audiences that are likely to become your customers.

Our Twitter advertising agency can target people based on keywords, hashtags, 350 interest categories, behaviour, geography, device, language as well as lists of e-mail addresses extracted from your CRM tool. 

Audience Targeting

Several Twitter Ad Formats to Choose From.

Tweet Ad

Tweet Ads are basically promoted plain text, image or video tweets. This ad format is mostly used to increase engagement and new followers.

Website Cards

Website Cards are image or video ads with destination URLs. They are ideal for companies aiming at acquiring new visitors to their websites.

App Cards

App Cards are image or video ads that present an Android or iOS app and entice the target audience to install it on their mobile phones.

Direct Message Cards

Direct Message Cards are image or video ads that entice people to start a conversation with the business about the advertised product or service.

Conversational Ads

Those ads are sponsored image or video tweets that include call-to-action buttons & customizable hashtags. They also prompt users to re-tweet the ads.

Twitter Ad Campaigns Tailor-Made to Your Marketing Objectives.

Our Twitter advertising agency can get your target audience to discover that your business, products or services exist with brand awareness campaigns.

The success of those campaigns will be measured through the following KPIs: Impressions and CPM.

If your marketing objective is to get more people to participate in discussions about your business, we can help you drive engagement by promoting successful organic tweets to existing followers or new highly-targeted audiences.

Success is measured through the following KPIs: Engagements and Cost per Engagement.

This goal is ideal for businesses that have just created a new Twitter account and don’t have enough followers. We can increase the number of followers for your business, engage them with interesting content to become customers and why not brand advocates.

To measure success, the following KPIs are used: Followers and Cost per Follower.

If your objective is to get people to visit your website to either consume the information you provide or take a desired action such as submitting a form, opening an account or making a purchase, we can set up a campaign to meet that objective.

Success will be measured with the following metrics: Clicks and CPC.

It’s well-known that videos are highly engaging, and of course, high engagement could result in a high conversion rate. If you want to tell an interesting story about your business, products or services, then this is the ideal objective for you.

To measure success, the following KPIs are used: Views and Cost per View.

We can get people to install your Android or iOS app directly from an App Installs ad. In addition to that, if your existing app users haven’t engaged with your app recently, we could re-engage them with remarketing adverts.

Success is measured through the following KPIs: App Installs, Cost per App Install, App Clicks and Cost per App Click.

Digital Marketing Tactics

Professional Twitter Advertising Services For Your Business.

If you haven’t got a Twitter profile for your business yet, we can create one for you following the best practices.

In addition to that, we can set up an advertising account along with the necessary conversion tracking and reports.

Let us target new relevant audiences that haven’t interacted with your brand or website yet.

We can identify and target potential customers for your business based on a number of targeting criteria such as demographics, behaviour, location, customer intent and interests.

Remarketing is used to target people who previously interacted with your business, website or mobile app but hadn’t completed a desired goal such as making a purchase or submitting a form.

We can remind your prospects to finish what they started.

We offer training courses covering not only the fundamentals of Twitter advertising but also advanced tactics, techniques and best practices.

If you wish, we can adjust the course to the policies and procedures of your company as well as deliver it in your premises.

Choose The MOST Qualified Twitter Advertising Agency.

There are plenty of businesses outsourcing PPC activities to agencies. A great deal of them selects agencies or consultants solely based on the fact that they have clients in the same industry, instead of checking how many years of experience and knowledge they have gained in the digital marketing field. Frankly enough, it takes many years and hard work to learn how the PPC ecosystem works, and a few days to understand how to optimally promote a company that operates in a certain industry.

A qualified agency could save thousands or millions of euros on media buying per year while generating more conversions.

Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.


Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.



We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

objectives and goals

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We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

We Will Discuss Your Objectives and Goals

2. Discuss Your Goals.

You Will Receive a Quotation

3. Receive a Quotation.