10 Benefits of Social Media Advertising.

  • Ability to reach large mobile audiences wherever they are.

  • A rapid way to reach a massive and influential audience.

  • Social media ads can produce great retention results.

  • The cost of advertising is low compared to traditional media.

  • Can target narrow niches & people in leadership positions.

  • Plenty of targeting options that meet any marketing objective.

  • Even small budgets can produce great results.

  • Ideal channel for local and international businesses.

  • A powerful vehicle for reaching Generation Z teenagers.

  • Ideal form of advertising for e-commerce businesses.

3.5 Billion People Use Social Media Every Day.

Who doesn’t use social media nowadays? There are about 3.5 billion people around the world actively using social media.

That’s 45% of the global population. The penetration in developed countries is even higher, averaging 70%. Your potential customers are on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.


of People Use Social Media

Ideal Time to Start Social Media Advertising

When is The Ideal Time to Start Social Media Advertising.

Most companies start with paid search advertising to promote their products or services to users as they search for them on Google, Bing or Yandex. Next, they scale up with social media advertising to generate demand and drive more conversions.

Social media are also used to target previous website visitors who haven’t taken the desired action on your website, such as submitting a form, opening an account or buying a product.

Highly-Efficient & Cost-Effective Form of Advertising.

Even though your adverts might appear thousands of times and reach thousands of social media users, you will only pay for adverts that are clicked or generated conversions. 

Interestingly enough, in some channels clicks worth a few pennies. On top of that, we constantly strive to improve the quality score of the campaigns, which further decrease the advertising costs for our clients.

Social Media Ads Are Cost Effective

Professional Social Media Advertising Services. 

Our consultancy can advertise your brand, products or services through the six most popular social media networks. Depending on your target audience and niche, some social media networks might be more effective than others.  

Two billion people use Facebook every day. Your potential customers are there, and even if you get some organic reach through Facebook, we can expand your reach immensely with Facebook Ads.

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One billion people actively use Instagram around the world. It is the most used social media network among teens and young adults. If that’s your target audience, we can market your products or services to them with Instagram Ads.

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LinkedIn is the only network that allows targeting managers or people in leadership positions. We can reach your target audience based on their job title, function, seniority, company name and size, industry, skills, education and the like.

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We can promote your business, products or services to people when they look to get updates about the topics that matter to them. Let us build engagement or drive qualified traffic to your website at an incredibly low cost.

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More than 300 million people use Pinterest to get inspired and discover products to buy. Only a small number of advertisers use Pinterest to run campaigns, and hence your adverts could appear in top positions at a really low cost.

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The vast majority of Snapchat users is between 13 and 25 years old. If Millennials or Generation Z are part of your target audience, increasing your social media advertising activity on Snapchat will drive fruitful results for your business.

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Social Media Advertising Tools

Choose The MOST Qualified Social Media Ads Consultant.

There are plenty of businesses outsourcing PPC activities to agencies. A great deal of them selects agencies or consultants solely based on the fact that they have clients in the same industry, instead of checking how many years of experience and knowledge they have gained in the digital marketing field. Frankly enough, it takes many years and hard work to learn how the PPC ecosystem works, and a few days to understand how to optimally promote a company that operates in a certain industry.

A qualified agency could save thousands or millions of euros on media buying per year while generating more conversions.

Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.


Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.



We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

objectives and goals

2. Discuss Your Goals.

3. Receive a Quotation.



We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

We Will Discuss Your Objectives and Goals

2. Discuss Your Goals.

You Will Receive a Quotation

3. Receive a Quotation.