10 Benefits of Paid Search Advertising.

  • Ability to target highly interested prospects.

  • You only pay for clicked adverts.

  • A quick way to acquire new customers.

  • Plenty of targeting options available.

  • Performance can be accurately measured.

  • Accurate performance forecasting.

  • Paid search ads increase brand recognition.

  • Even small budgets can produce great results.

  • A great form of advertising for local businesses.

  • Technically less complex than SEO.

Promote Your Services to Prospects as They Search for Them.

There is a constant increase in people searching for products and services on Google, Bing and Yandex. At that stage, they are aware of their purchasing need and seek for the ideal solution to their problem.

In other words, they search for your product or services. You can take this opportunity to show your adverts whenever those searches take place.

Pay Per Click

Pay Only When Your Adverts Are Clicked.

To get more bang for your buck, we will strategically select keywords that are specific to the advertised products and services, so that adverts will only appear to very relevant search queries.

In addition to that, we will spend your budget wisely, and only pay when people click on your adverts and visit your website. Our advanced paid search campaign management will get you new customers at a low CPA and high ROI.

Paid Search Campaigns Tailor-Made to Your Marketing Objectives.

The objective is all about getting people to visit your website to consume the information you provide.

This objective is typically used by content publishers, affiliate companies and non-profit organisations, which measure success through the following KPIs: Clicks and CTR.

Ideal for local businesses aiming to get people to make a phone call such as locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, handymen etc.

The KPIs used to measure success are Click-to-Call and Phone Calls.

The goal is to show customers the way to your physical store. It’s ideal for local businesses such as auto dealerships, restaurants, retail stores etc.

The KPIs used to measure success are Impressions, Clicks and CTR.

Compel your customers to take the desired action on your website such as submitting a form, subscribing, opening an account etc.

This goal is ideal for B2B and B2C companies, manufacturers, companies providing services as well as non-profit organisations, to name a few. To measure success, we use the following KPIs: Conversions, CPA and Conversion Rate.

This goal is to generate revenue by getting people to purchase as many products or services as possible through your website. It is the primary goal of any e-commerce or online retail company.

We typically measure success with the Conversions, Revenue and ROAS metrics.

Digital Marketing Objectives

Professional Paid Search Services For Your Business.

Paid Search Audit is the process of analysing your current accounts and campaigns to identify opportunities for performance improvement.

During that process, an abundance of factors is analysed, including, but not limited to quality scores, landing page experience, competition, missing tactics, CPA and ROAS. Next, all findings and recommendations will be put together and presented to you.

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A successful paid search campaign begins with a strategy. We can develop a paid search strategy for your business after having identified your business challenges, objectives and goals, as well as conducted an account audit, gap and competitive analysis.

A detailed action plan and roadmap to success will be presented to and discussed with you.

Over the last eight years, we have set up a huge number of paid search accounts from scratch. 360-degree account setups with actions including, but not limited to:

  • Billing and invoicing setup.
  • Conversion tracking setup.
  • Keyword research and segmentation.
  • Campaign and ad group setup.
  • High-quality advert and extension copy-writing.

Ongoing optimisation is required after the campaigns have gone live. The ultimate goal is to keep on improving their performance and generating as many conversions as possible with the given media budget. Some campaign management actions include:

  • New keyword targeting.
  • Exclusion of irrelevant keywords.
  • Auction insights analysis.
  • A/B testing and ad copy optimisation.
  • Daily bid adjustments.
  • Daily budget adjustments.
  • Daily performance control.

Paid search advertising decisions should be data-driven and never based on assumptions. It’s like building a skyscraper on sand. If there is not a strong enough base, the entire project could collapse easily.

We ensure that paid search performance is accurately measured and reported transparently, through DataStudio reports that are designed to meet not only your brand guidelines but also your customised paid search advertising needs.

We offer training courses covering not only the fundamentals of paid search advertising but also advanced tactics, techniques and best practices.

In addition to that, the course can be fully tailored to the needs, policies and procedures of your business as well as be delivered at your premises.

Advanced Paid Search Tactics That Will Amaze You.

We can show adverts in prominent positions whenever your previous high-value customers search on Google for products or services you currently offer.

Let us show adverts to previous website visitors who were close to becoming your customers.

Why show adverts to people who have already converted and won’t do it again? We can exclude those audiences from campaign targeting so that you will only spend your budget targeting new prospects.

Even though audience exclusions are not allowed in the iGaming industry, we have found a great workaround.

This advanced method of advertising is typically used by e-commerce businesses having a very large inventory of products or services that would otherwise be impossible to advertise. To take an example, an online betting company allows betting on more than 40,000 monthly sporting events.

A customised dynamic search campaign would fill in that gap so that relevant adverts would appear whenever users look to bet on any of those 40,000 sporting events.

There are plenty of trademark infringements in very competitive industries like the iGaming and hospitality ones.

Trademark abuses usually take place by your close competitors as well as your affiliate partners, which use your trademark in their adverts to acquire the customers searching for your company at a lower cost.

Did you know that 1 in 5 ad clicks is fraudulent? Stop competitors, bots and disgruntled customers from clicking on your ads.

We can help you deploy a monitoring tool that detects and block fraudulent PPC clicks.

Landing Page is the URL people visit after they have clicked your advert. Search engines take several factors into account to determine how well your landing page meets the searcher’s intent and assigns a quality score to it.

We can help you increase quality score so that you will be paying less per click to Google or any other search engine.

To be able to take down any adverts of your competitors or affiliate partners using your trademark, the trademark license of your company has to be submitted to Google. Also, iGaming companies should get their gambling license submitted to search engines before launching any PPC campaign.

In both cases, we can get your accounts whitelisted.

We can analyse your competitors carefully to build campaigns with the keywords of competitor names that are most likely to convert.

Running both PPC and SEO campaigns at the same time increases exposure and visibility in search engines. Therefore, they should be used together and complement each other.

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Experts in Top Paid Search Advertising Tools.

Google Ads

Formerly Known as Adwords

Google has the biggest search market share across Europe, averaging at 93%. The market share differs from country to country, for example in the UK it has 87% while in Greece it has 99% market share.

Miscrosoft Ads

Formerly Known as Bing Ads

Microsoft Ads appear in both the Bing and Yahoo networks. The search market share across Europe is 4%, while in the UK is 11%.  Microsoft Ads could generate additional conversions for your business.


Russian Advertising Service

Yandex is the leading search network for Russian speaking people. It has 2% of the search market share in Europe and 55% in Russia. This is ideal for targeting Russian speaking audiences.

Choose The MOST Qualified Paid Search Advertising Consultant.

There are plenty of businesses outsourcing PPC activities to agencies. A great deal of them selects agencies or consultants solely based on the fact that they have clients in the same industry, instead of checking how many years of experience and knowledge they have gained in the digital marketing field. Frankly enough, it takes many years and hard work to learn how the PPC ecosystem works, and a few days to understand how to optimally advertise a company that operates in a certain industry.

A qualified agency could save thousands or millions of euros on media buying per year while generating more conversions.

Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.


Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.



We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

objectives and goals

2. Discuss Your Goals.

3. Receive a Quotation.



We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

We Will Discuss Your Objectives and Goals

2. Discuss Your Goals.

You Will Receive a Quotation

3. Receive a Quotation.