10 Benefits of Instagram Advertising.

  • It has the highest engagement across all social media platforms.

  • Ads are non-intrusive and they won’t annoy your target audience.

  • Ability to target audiences using Facebook data & targeting options.

  • Allows easy integration of Shopify to sell your products instantly.

  • Your potential customers are on Instagram.

  • Instagram campaigns usually have a high conversion rate and ROI.

  • Ability to reach large mobile audiences wherever they are.

  • Plenty of targeting options that meet any marketing objective.

  • Even small budgets can produce great results.

  • A great form of advertising for local & international businesses.

Myriads of People Use Instagram Every Day.

More and more people are becoming Instagram users. There are about 1 billion people in the world using Instagram every day.

Most of your potential customers are there and can be reached through their mobile devices, wherever they are.

1 Billion

People Use Instagram


Ideal For Businesses Targeting Young Adults.

Instagram is the most used social media network among teens and young adults. It provides a friendly and creative environment, whereby people could discover the latest trends and get inspired.

If your target audience is teenagers or young adults, our Instagram advertising agency can market your products or services to them.

Instagram & Facebook Ads Under a Single Campaign.

A single campaign can run across both Instagram and Facebook with little added effort. Such campaigns have proven to be more effective in increasing engagement and generating conversions.

Our agency can help your business reach more potential customers with a single campaign.

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Increase Engagement

Generate 4x More Engagement Than Facebook.

More and more people use Instagram because it offers a creative and highly-engaging environment, which helps brands generate four times more interactions compared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media network.

Several Instagram Ad Formats to Choose From.

Stories Ad

Did you know that one-third of the most-viewed stories come from businesses? Stories Ads take the full mobile screen to show images or videos of your business, products or services.

Photo Ads

Photo Ads are one of the most common Instagram advertising formats. Photo ads can tell the story of your business, product or services through a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas.

Video Ads

Video ads are gaining popularity since they are more engaging, and users prefer to watch online videos. It allows advertisers to better show off a business through moving visuals & sound.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads let advertisers showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. This format is used to promote multiple products or services in one ad.

Collection Ads

These are e-commerce oriented ads to visually inspire and help your target audience discover, browse and purchase products. Images and/or videos can be used.

Ads in Explore

We can help you reach people in a discovery mindset by extending your feed ads to audiences who are looking to expand their interests beyond the accounts they follow.

Instagram Ad Campaigns Tailor-Made to Your Marketing Objectives.

Get your target audience to discover that your business, products or services exist. This goal is mostly used by large businesses that can afford to run pure branding campaigns.

Success is measured through the following KPIs: Estimated Ad Recall Lift and Cost per Estimated Ad Recall Lift.

The aim of this goal is to reach as many unique users as possible in your target audience. This goal is ideal for small businesses that have small target audiences and limited budget.

Success is measured through the following KPIs: Reach and Cost per Thousand People Reached.

This goal is to drive traffic to your website. Content publishers, affiliate companies and non-profit organisations typically use this objective and measure success through the following KPIs: Clicks, CPC and CTR.

People love watching videos on Instagram. This goal is ideal for businesses that want to tell an interesting story or increase brand awareness through video ads. To measure success, the following KPIs are used: Views and Cost per View.

With App Install Ads, we can get your potential customers to install your Android or iOS app directly from the ad. Success is measured with the following KPIs: App Installs and Cost per Install.

Compel your customers to take a desired action on your website or app such as opening an account, making an online purchase etc. This goal is ideal for B2B and B2C companies, manufacturers, companies providing services as well as non-profit organisations, to name a few.

Success is measured through the following KPIs: Conversions, CPA and Conversion Rate.

Digital Marketing Tactics

Professional Instagram Advertising Services For Your Business.

We have set up a huge number of Instagram Business accounts from scratch.

We have 360-degree knowledge and expertise in setting up accounts from adding billing and invoicing details to conversion tracking, account structure and reporting setup. 

Prospecting is an Instagram advertising service to target new relevant audiences that haven’t interacted with your brand or website yet.

We can identify and target potential customers for your business based on several targeting criteria such as demographics, behaviour, location, intent and interests.

Remarketing is used to target people who previously interacted with your business, website or mobile app but hadn’t completed a desired goal such as making a purchase or submitting a form.

We can remind your prospects to finish what they started. 

We offer training courses covering not only the fundamentals of Instagram advertising but also advanced tactics, techniques and best practices.

This course can also be tailored around your policies and procedures and delivered in-company.

Choose The MOST Qualified Instagram Advertising Agency.

There are plenty of businesses outsourcing PPC activities to agencies. A great deal of them selects agencies or consultants solely based on the fact that they have clients in the same industry, instead of checking how many years of experience and knowledge they have gained in the digital marketing field. Frankly enough, it takes many years and hard work to learn how the PPC ecosystem works, and a few days to understand how to optimally promote a company that operates in a certain industry.

A qualified agency could save thousands or millions of euros on media buying per year while generating more conversions.

Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.


Some Brands That Were Taken to the Next Level.



We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

objectives and goals

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We will schedule a free 15-minute call

1. Get on a 15-Minute Call.

We Will Discuss Your Objectives and Goals

2. Discuss Your Goals.

You Will Receive a Quotation

3. Receive a Quotation.